Over the years online gambling has turned into a great business not only for the owners of online casinos and betting sites but for clients who cant wait for more stuff like Golden nugget online bonus code as well. Having an online casino or a betting site has become the source of great money, and one may say that online gambling has become a kind of a company. Just like there are mergers and acquisitions in real companies, there are mergers and acquisitions in online gambling companies as well. In the following paragraphs, we will present to you the greatest mergers and acquisitions in online gambling in 2018.


In April 2018, it was announced by Playtech that they had decided to buy about 70% of the Italian gambling company Snaitech. Playtech agreed to make a takeover for the remaining shares in Snaitech after the completion of the acquisition. The price of the shares was estimated at $846 million. This was a very good offer for Playtech since Snaitech operates around 1600 betting points around Italy. It has sports betting and online sports betting, online casino games and horse race betting. In addition, the company does not have betting points only in Italy but in other cities as well. This acquisition was of great importance for Playtech since it will help Playtech overcome the recent financial difficulties and will expand their market.


In April 2018, the Stars Group and Sky Betting & Gaming announced that they had decided to make a landmark transaction. This landmark transaction created a 4.7 billion dollars in the online gambling industry. By making a merge, the two online gambling companies produced 70 million dollars among other benefits. Once the two companies were merged, the Stars Group started using the experience Sky Bet had in online sports betting. In addition, the company expanded their market to other countries as well. The merge is beneficial not only for the Stars Group but also for Sky Bet as well, since they will expand a lot as well.


The winning bidder for Australia in February 2018 was an Australian online bookmaker, CrownBet. In the same time, the company, the Stars Group reached an agreement with them to buy around 60% of company shares. In this way, the Canadian betting giant, the Stars Group, expanded their market a lot. After the acquisition, CrownBet decided to change its name into BetEasy. In this way, the market expanded even more and the new name brought new clients. The companies became global gambling companies. They became the third largest licensed bookmakers in Australia. Even though the competition is high, the two companies will manage to reach the top united. Their merge promises a lot for their companies in the future.

These were the three biggest acquisitions in 2018. They promise a lot for the companies and the clients as well. However, one can never be sure. The time will tell how successful they are. In 2019 new mergers and acquisitions will be made. We are left to see whether they will be as successful as these promise to be or not.

2018 Online Gambling Mergers and Acquisitions