The modern age has brought many changes to daily routines of human beings. It has brought many benefits and many bad things as well. When we talk about benefits, the modern age has brought new technology that makes our everyday life more interesting and much easier. The television, the Internet, mobile phones and computers have become our main sorts of entertainment and our greatest and most helpful assistants. They make our daily lives easier and our work easier as well.

However, there are bad sides to using computers, mobile phones and watching television as well. They have a bad influence on our health because they make us lead a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can damage our health a lot. However, many people are not aware of the seriousness of the problem.  For that reason, we will try to explain the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, how you can reverse the damage done, and whether you can reverse the damage at all.


Sitting all day can damage your health a lot. Regardless of the reasons for a sedentary lifestyle, sitting all day is quite damaging. The first thing that sitting all day influences is your mind. When you sit the whole day whether to watch television and to entertain yourself or to work, you start feeling anxious and nervous. Anxiety and depression is the first thing that you may encounter. You feel nervous, sleepy, your energy level starts decreasing and your stress level starts increasing.

Only one day of a sedentary lifestyle can make you feel nervous. If you continue to sit all day you may experience some cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure, or low blood pressure. The increased stress level can also make your heart beat stronger which will increase your anxiety even more. If you do not have a 45-minute walk every day, you will not breathe in some fresh air, your heart will not do any kind of exercise and you will feel tired. Your body will experience this as stressful which will in the future cause many diseases.


If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you risk decreasing your health. What can you do to change it? Change your lifestyle. Try not to sit the whole day. Have a 45-minute walk, do some exercises three times a week and eat healthy food. However, if you have to sit because of your work, try to do some exercises after work. How can exercise help you? Exercise will help your cardiovascular system. Your heart will experience some healthy effort. In addition, you will feel energized and relaxed. The stress level will decrease and the adrenaline will increase. You will not feel depressed, quite the contrary. You will feel relaxed and your health will be improved. You will decrease the risk of diabetes and overweight, and your health will be improved on a general level.


Even though it is said that exercise can help you decrease the damages of a sedentary lifestyle, the recent studies have shown that this may not be completely true. It has proven that sitting all day for a longer period of time can make some permanent damages which can not be reversed even by doing exercises. So, we recommend you to avoid sedentary lifestyle as much as you can and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle and How Exercise Can Reverse the Damage Done