Voice technology is becoming omnipresent in our daily lives. Voice recognition in combination with AI assistants like Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri, is already a regular occurrence on our smartphones, while smart home assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home are becoming ubiquitous, changing the way we live our daily lives.

However, apart from the consumer sphere, voice technology is finding its way in the business world, where it can also bring several benefits.

Personal Voice Assistants

Since there is a prediction that around 55% of American homes will have a voice assistant by 2022, business will have to adapt in order to reach people through them. Apart from that, these assistants are making their way to offices, replacing many of the functions of people that once inhabited these roles. Setting a meeting, taking notes, or getting a reminder is only a voice command away.

Search engines and voice

Search engines are also impacted by voice technology – some 29% of shoppers use a voice-controlled interface, while 70% of people owning home assistants use them to shop. Other than that, around 20% of all internet searches are now done via voice. This changes the advertising landscape in ways that are not yet imaginable, so companies need to adapt fast.

Voice search and AI

Of course, when interfaced with AI, voice technology enables marketers to tailor the customer experience delivered through their home assistants. Based on the person’s search terms and interests, the voice assistant can adjust the results it will give. It can even track your needs and offer suggestion before you know you need them, like replenishing your toilet paper supply or buying a new bottle of medication because you’re out.

The Internet of Things

Another thing that companies are looking to integrate with their products is an IoT capability, giving almost every device a voice. What if you could talk to your refrigerator and tell it to inform you when the beer is cold enough? Well, businesses are hard at work to enable just that. This also includes wearables like smartwatches, fitness bands, headphones or other gadgets.

Implementation in offices

The changes that await businesses do not need to just be challenges – they can also be beneficial for their work. For example, multitasking will be a lot easier when you don’t have to stop what you are doing but only issue a voice command. Taking notes from meetings will become way easier when your voice assistant does it for you and is even able to analyze the content for you. And with voice assistants that are now able to communicate with people and schedule appointments for you, the only limit is the sky.

The voice of tomorrow: how voice technology will reshape the business world