Back in the days, the rules were simpler – you had to pay in order to play video games, be it in an arcade or buying the game to play at home. Even though you can still do this, the tables have turned. You can now earn some extra money and even make a living from playing video games or, for example, casino games thanks to the BGO promo code 2020 – if you don’t mind a little betting, of course. Here are some of the ways that you can try.

Stream your games online

You wouldn’t believe how many people enjoy watching other people play. Especially if the player is good at what he/she does. Services like Twitch or YouTube Gaming enable you to live stream your gameplay in real time and attract an audience. Once you have accumulated a following, you can start monetizing it through subscriptions or donations from your satisfied viewers.

Create tutorials

People that are new to gaming often don’t want to spend hours getting to know the game and trying to get through a specific situation in it. Others want to get to know a game before diving into its world. By creating entire walkthroughs or tip sheets and putting them on your website, you can earn a following that can be monetized in different ways – through subscriptions, ads, or Patreon donations. Or you can create the same things in video format and put them up on your YouTube channel. Speaking of which…  

Create a YouTube channel

You have probably heard of gaming YouTube superstars like PewDiePie that have made millions from their gaming videos. Well, YouTube provides you with a unique opportunity to show off your gaming skills or present new games to fans from all over the world. Plus, YouTube offers several means of monetizing your videos, which opens up more opportunities for making a profit.

Get into competitive gaming

All of the above options included gaming from the comfort of your home. If you are a competitive person, you can go out there and compete with real people for real cash prizes. Games like Counter Strike, League of Legends, or World of Worldcraft are played in tournaments all over the world. Some of the teams competing there do this full-time and earn quite some money from this activity. Sponsors have recognized the popularity of these sports and the possibilities it provides for them to market their products, so they are ready to invest a lot into gaming superstars for promotions.

If you think your gaming skills are good enough, join a professional team and give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, making money from your favorite pastime is great and all, but don’t forget that the whole point of gaming is primarily to have fun.

Can you make some cash while playing video games