Just watching a game sometimes isn’t enough. If you are a really avid sports fan, you probably enjoy watching a good talk show with your favorite sports legends discussing the matches that are about to happen or analyzing matches that have just ended. Whether you just want to place an informed bet or are just crazy about every aspect of the game, here are some shows that you should be watching.


There is no need to praise a sports talk show that has been on the air for 40 years. ESPN’s show has started way back in 1979 and has aired daily ever since, getting to the number of some 50,000 episodes so far. Not only does it show highlights and scores from the most important sports events of that day coupled with a commentary of the informed anchors but it also features previews of coming matches and general news from the world of sports. SportsCenter has become synonymous with a sports show in the United States; however, with the live coverage of sports shifting to the internet, SportsCenter has witnessed a slow decline in their ratings.

Inside the NBA

This legendary postgame show about the NBA has an almost cult following. And if you consider that host Ernie Johnson analyzes matches with analysts such as Shaq O’Neal, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley, this talk show guarantees a mix of humor, banter, and seriously educated basketball analyses. Plus, the likes of Grant Hill and Chris Webber regularly join in to season the mix. It’s no wonder then that the show won nine Emmy Awards throughout its rich history.

Fox NFL Sunday

We are all aware of America’s fascination with NFL, so naturally, a lot of television networks are competing for viewers. A very important aspect of this is a good pre- or post-game show and Fox NFL Sunday sticks out as one of the best organized NFL talk shows with expert commentaries, up-to-date news, and great analyses coupled with top-notch graphics. The show also has its own radio version and has won 4 Emmy Awards.

Pardon the Interruption

Humour and sport often mix well. Pardon the Interruption airs every weekday and is well-known for the loud tone of its hosts, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. They often surpass the limits of a simple discussion and go into arguments about the most important stories from the world of sports, which attracted a large viewership that is still going strong.

Are you a regular viewer of some of these shows? Or do you have more to recommend? Feel free to share!


Top talk shows that every real fan of sports should check out