Imagine a world where cash registers do not exist, even the typewriter-like ones, let alone the ones with barcode scanners, where everything would have to be done by hand. You would never, ever get out of a supermarket.

Any company which has to do data analysis or data count would go out of business, or its workers would need serious psychological counselling. Information technology changed our world, for both individuals and businesses.

Businesses benefit a lot from information technology, in more ways than one.


Prior to mainstream personal computer and mobile phone availability, not to mention the internet, communication had to be done through landlines or letters. Landlines are not as bad, yet letter were often misplaced and lost forever.

Today, almost everyone has access to the internet, meaning near instant communication, on-demand. A business could talk with their partners in just mere seconds, no matter where on the world they are located.

Data Gathering and Analysis

Any business has to deal with a lot of data, from a small department store to their parent company, let’s say, Nike. They have to go through all the sales in that one store and all the goods the ordered for the month. Now, the parent company has to crunch the data from all the stores, partners and affiliates, to get a better picture which product is selling the most.

Modern technologies, from software to hardware such as servers, help in data gathering and analysis. The internet, in particular, is a great tool for connecting devices and gathering data.

Less Labor – More Robots

Technology helped many businesses which have a production line. Many production lines are automated, if not completely, then up to 80%. Anything from keyboard switches, car parts, instruments to food and beverage, is produced through automation. There still are people working there, mostly to monitor or do quality control. In many automated plants, quality control plays a vital role, which helps as it saves on labor, reduces work-related accidents and increases the overall quality of some products.


Information technology helps us in so many ways, businesses as well. Think of the state-of-the-art sensors which warn if there is any smoke or anything hazardous in the area. The authorities are notified immediately and casualties are lowered.

This helped almost all industries, from cars to many other sports as it allows the creation of safer equipment, for outdoor and indoor activities, including everyday life. Just think of power supplies which turn off immediately if there is a short circuit, saving your very expensive PC components, or an entire server.


Before, someone just needed to copy a key, a thing which can be easily misplaced or stolen, and they would have had access to your car, house or workplace. Today, keys are coded, two-step authentication exists and biometric and retinal scanners are present in every company which values security above everything else. Mobile phones and bank accounts are much safer than they used to be.

Information technology is changing the world for the better, for individuals, businesses and everything around us.

How Information Technology Helps Businesses